From the guild artist's ancient credo regarding nudes ... 'If a thing 'tis still paint it, but if it moves make sure ye grab it'!

I began my next stage by replacing the chalk with paint and roughing in the couch and adding some strategic cushions. I intend these to be of various colors and materials and subdued hues.

I discovered a pattern I like on a silk blouse in a Watteau painting so I will use it on the most dominant pillow. I arranged a few of my own pillows about the studio to better define the stretch marks.

Suggest a foreground and background - but nothing definite at this stage. There seems insufficient tension on the front cushion so I will alter it then apply more highlights and fix all with another thin glaze.

I will also whiten the nude as this was always my experiment - to try and paint a pale nude and give her as William Whitaker would say 'wall presence.' Even though the whole thing may turn out an abject failure I console myself with the thought that had I not tried I would never know. Well here goes ...

I am not pleased with the position of the right arm and shoulder. I will change that - scrape, blend and hope...

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