Aims and concept: My aim and overall concept is to paint a nude largely from my imagination but using bits and pieces from a variety of sources - much like my life really.

First I paint my primed canvas (52" by 52") with a thinned mixture of cobalt blue , yellow ochre and prussian blue and raw umber to deaden any strong hues. I allow this time to dry then draw my arch with chalk and a piece of string. Next I sketch the nude in charcoal . See below...

Not entirely happy with the arm positions. I start my alterations rubbing out existing charcoal and applying more. I combine this with the application of light washes until surrounding forms begin suggesting themselves. Note alterations of hair, left arm and right shoulder. For the moment I will let my nude sleep ... and glaze quickly with a very thin eggshell (stand oil, spirit and varnish) mix to set the design.

When this is dry I find my white chalk and begin applying highlights. Chalk is excellent for this purpose as it can be easily removed or painted over with little danger of it having a permanent presence. See below where my rough highlights are done in chalk.

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