Let me take another look ...
I have done most of the essential housekeeping jobs.

Overall things look a little dark but at the moment and that is a plus for me since the drama and ease of creating things from a dark background is much easier and enjoyable than working from too much light backwards.

I like the juxtaposition of tiger and sheep (above). The alert tiger gives the painting an element of the exotic and the dangerous that goes well with Alexander (the dark prince). The sheep and shepherd are also a reminder of ownership, territory and the basic needs of kings as well as a common men.

This painting to this stage is rather masculine and probably lacks any feminine counterpoint (the story of my life)? The ladder also needs a little strengthening ... and let me try a frame as I need to match the yellows and reds and get some idea of the finished article.

The canvas is 52" by 52"

At this juncture I find the picture is satisfactory from a design, spot color and narrative point of view. Therefore the hardest part, the most nail-biting, the most challenging the most dangerous, and the part where the most technical knowledge was applied is past.

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