Let me take another look ...
Things I don't like;
The problem of linking the sky to the ground still persists ... if I don't solve this problem this painting is destined to oblivion! Radical measures ... take out some light and darken the wall.
Join middle ground to top middle ground above Mmmm ... how about a ladder(lateral thinking)? Then let's cheat a little and join left to right with a scumbled beam of slanting light.
And warm the sky with some ultramarine (later I shall make it glow with the addition of a glazed thalo)
In desperate need of some foreground entry points to lead the viewer's eye into the painting.
Here we reach another critical juncture; all or nothing? I decide on sheep - actually I always had sheep in mind as I wanted something low and runing out toward the viewer. Place them dark in semi-shadow silhouette and see how they look?

Entry and exit points: 1. Exit; the eye travells across the middle ground up the ladder across on the light and out through the sky.
2. Entry: a) Follow floor boards halfway up in the left - then go down ladder and into action.
b) Perspective edge-line half way up on right edge.

Problems: The dog is no good!
The woman on the right is too high!
Needs a few touches to give extra depth and curve to the street.

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