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John Hagan has taught and practiced the art of painting for most of his life. Currently his drawing and painting lessons are used by hundreds of schools and universities around the world either via the internet or directly from his CD 'John Hagan's Art Lessons'.

John was classically trained and learnt his craft through formal education in England (1966 - 69) and Australia (64 -66) and by studying (1971-75) under a master painter William Ross RA who traced his own training via the Julian Ashton school to the great academic painters of the nineteenth century. Subsequently Hagan has mastered the techniques of both the 19th. century classic painting method as well as the 20th. century impressionistic manner and has a unique ability to blend them if it is required.

Though mastering technique is all very well, it still requires imagination and flair to communicate ideas, and it is in this regard, Hagan excels. His eclectic range of subject matter from romantic idealism, as in his large 'Alexander and the Gordian Knot' painting or 'Thor, God of Thunder' to the simple impressionistic canvases of a red or gold rose or the semi- realism of girls frolicking on a summer sea shore are full of fact, feeling and humanity without being tainted with superficiality, or joined to passing fashion.

John Hagan also provides lesson notes on painting for the major internet education portals of GEM, a special White House Educational funded initiative, Wetcanvas, and through The Cowdisley Education Group - his own site. During his early days teaching in senior high school John designed a basic course for learning to draw that has helped a generation of youngsters to become visually literate and inspired them to a future as artists, draftsmen, designers and architects.

Buy typing 'John Hagan' or 'Cowdisley' into any of the major search engines on the internet you will be easily able to access any of these sites including the theory of painting, practical demonstrations of how to paint, drawing lessons and past and current works by John.

John Hagan lectures and gives public demonstrations of painting technique. He has had many solo exhibitions in the last thirty years and is represented in private collections in Italy, Australia, Canada, the US and Britain. John is a diligent and consummate professional when it comes to his craft. He works totally with 'artist' quality pigments, the most reliable of oils and varnishes, on heavy top quality inert stretched canvas or wooden panels. If handled properly the pieces are certain to show no canvas rot, delamination or any other structural problems for 500 years, or longer.

Ten of John Hagan's paintings of his 'Bounty' series, including seascapes and portraits of Captain Bligh and Fletcher Christian, all done in 'classic period style, were featured in a History Channel documentary of the 'Bounty Story' first screened, 10th. April 2001 as well as in articles in 'British Heritage' magazine and another nine paintings in a recent Educational Documentary.