Allow 40min - teacher prepartation: prepare sketch beforehand with measurements.

To introduce the student to the notion of creating a three dimensional vista on a two dimensional plane. This lesson follows on and develops the theme of the previous lesson.

The sketch pad,
HB pencil, ruler, eraser

Prepare a new page with the margin as in the previous lesson using the ruler and HB pencil ...
a) Quarter the page as shown with light lines. Teacher should do this on the chalkboard then wait for the students to catch up.

b) In this lesson we are going to use only one vanishing point (CVP) and it is in the certer of the page. Place in the lines approximately as shown. Parallel lines are 20mm (3/4") down and 30mm (1,1/4") up from dead center.

c) Firm in the lines shown.

d) Add the next two radiating light lines as demonstrated.

e) Firm in the next skyscraper - note to the student that all lines in this drawing are either horizontal, vertical or radiate out from the center. There are no others!

f) Add the next building as shown.

g) Some more light construction lines ...

h) ... and firm in the lines as shown.

i) The essential 'structure' is complete.

j) Now for a little shading.

Print in the title, add some light lines as shown to suggest windows, then firm in when satisfied. Further shading and details can be completed at home.

Home work;
Complete the drawing adding clouds, birds, more windows etc ... to your satisfaction.

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