Allow 80 min - best broken into two sessions with set homework in between.

To draw a Roman style triumphal arch utilising a freehand approach to drawing lines. This lessons eventual success will depend on the student eventually NOT drawing a straight line ... and thereby mot being terrified of making a mistake.

The sketch pad,
HB pencil, ruler.

Construct margin and title box on a new page then:

b) Construct the rectangle and place a CVP in the approximate positions shown above.

c) Lightly draw the arch with the proportions to approximate those above.

d) Note the method used to position the back (inside curve) of the arch. The intersection point with the fornt curve is critical.

e) Add the 'minor' rectangles as shown on the face of the arch.

f) There are two walls indicated and lightly sketched in as above. You will see their complete form in the drawing shown next.

g) The student must now discard the ruler. All the firm lines must be done 'freehand'. Any ruled lines will look inconsistent and out of place. Use short firm strokes rather than trying to be too ambitious. This arch is supposed to be old and decaying therefore irregular lines are what is required. Now the arch and its surrounds should begin to take form.

h) Clean it up and add some shading.

i) The light source is to be from 'top right' so shade the raised frontal areas on the arch as shown ... shading to the right and below.

j) Add some 'Roman' letters (the detail is where observation and creativity interact) and shade some areas...

Note the shadows. At this juncture the shadows are merely 'parallel'. Since the drawing is not complicated regarding 'shadows' and the sun is very high and distant we can assume an almost parallel set of light 'rays'.

Homework: This particular arch is a minor detail in a painting by a well known artist who was born in Venice on October 18th. 1697. It appears in at least two of his paintings. The student to gain extra marks for naming the artist and even more for naming one of the paintings that contain the arch. Additional marks could be awarded if the student were to name the origin of the arch.



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