Allow 60-80min - this is the second part of the double lesson

To introduce the freehand method and techinque for the construction of curves and use this to complete our room interior.

The sketch pad,
HB pencil, ruler.

Construct margin and title box on a new page then:

a) Construct a 75mm (3") square as shown

b) Draw the diagonal a-b and without measurement divide into four equal parts.

c) Draw a 45 degree tangent through the 3/4 division as shown and lightly sketch the freehand curve. The curve actually cuts the diagonal just below the three quarter mark and above the two thirds point. The students should be encouraged to draw the curve so it 'looks right.'

d) When drawing the curve keep the hand on the inside of the curve. This may necessitate keeping the hand still and moving the paper as demonstrated above.

e) Construct the square as shown and turn the page upside down to sketch the opposite curve.

f) Complete the whole circle lightly and make adjustments where necessary.

g) Practice circles of differing sizes, label and turn back to interior of room. For homework the student can practice two or three more.

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h) Using the method recently learnt construct the three arched portals and firm them in.

i) Draw a light rectangle around the portals to make a wall and firm in. Using light lines from the CVP draw the ceiling
Revise ask: What does PP stand for?
Home study : Find a picture or photograph form a magazine or elsewhere (it can be a seascape, landscape or whatever) where the horizin can placed in its right position on the CVP. Cut out and paste on the drawing as shown below. If the student so desires they can draw in a little scene themsleves.

I have used part of a 'masterpiece' by a well known, if slightly erratic and unreliable, individual.

Finally the students can shade the walls, add a painting or two, a side door, etc. The teacher will find it is useful to balance the dicipline of the method with the freedom to work within. Press here to see a room interior using the same method of construction by Michelangelo.


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